Yoga at Home

Mend Health


Mend Health takes an integrative therapeutic approach to pain management. Our goal is to help people living with arthritis reduce pain and increase quality of life without relying only on prescription medication. 

Chronic pain associated with arthritis often leads to fear, anxiety, avoidance, and isolation. People stop engaging in the activities they love, feel misunderstood, and abandon their favorite activities.


Our approach is different in that it incorporates the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of living with arthritis - all equally important. The approach is scientifically proven to show significant improvements in physical disability, psychosocial disability, and depression among people living with arthritis.

Our cognitive training methods use acceptance and mindfulness strategies together with commitment and behavioral change to reframe how you approach life with pain. Our medical coaches spend real time to help you to set goals, figure out what works best for you and how to integrate it into your life. Our physical rehab program designed by physical therapists helps you manage inflammation-related joint pain. The moderated community is comprised of like-minded individuals all living with your condition where discussion is solely focused on non-pharmacological methodologies and implementing your learnings.