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Pain Coaches

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Tracking & educational tools

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Tailored Rehab exercises

Positive community

Trained Pain coaches who listen and create tailor pain management programs

Non-invasive techniques for pain management and built-in tracking tools

A group of like-minded individuals to go on this journey with you

Looking for a new practitioner? don't know who to go to? our network of PTs, doctors, and pain specialists are experienced in arthritic pain management

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Tailored rehabilitation exercises created and reviewed by physical therapists

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A customized approach to chronic pain management

A research-driven, mindful, and physical approach to chronic  pain management - with you at the center


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Ben T.

Ben T.

Ben T.

Ben T.

Amanda U.

I’m so grateful to MendHealth. This program has literally gotten me back on my feet. The medical coach checked in with me and kept me on track. I enjoyed sharing my progress with someone and felt they really cared about my well-being. Dr. Wise was an absolute dream to work with. She listened and tailored the exercises around my body and abilities and also helped me grow in confidence. My mental health has even improved because I’m moving more. Thank you for getting me back on skates and feeling good in them

Ben T.

Starting week 3 of Mend Health  program. My knee is already feeling stronger with less pain! Looking forward to continuing the progress!


Mend has been, far and away, the best experience I’ve ever had. 

For the first time I feel empowered with knowledge to tackle whatever pain I may feel.... Mend Health helped me with my  changing needs, and, critically, they designed my therapy with independence in mind so I can now get in front of minor pains before they become major issues

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Mend Health Logo v4.png

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